Father who loves to walk (with us)

Get your boots on! We are off for a walk. It will take effort but you will see and hear things

holding hands, se 39th ave

holding hands, se 39th ave (Photo credit: cafemama)

to delight you on the way. The birds singing, squirrels scurrying and the trees whispering to one another. It will make you feel alive and your heart vibrate with life!

I love walking. I feel close to God when I walk. I have been learning, however, that he enjoys walking with me also. In fact He has called me out of bed recently to go on a walk because His heart is to spend time with me. I have been shocked some mornings by His excitement.

 Ex 17:1 The whole Israelite community set out from the Desert of Sin, travelling (walking) from

place to place as the Lord commanded.

Nehemiah 9:12 By day you led them with a pillar of cloud, and by night with a pillar of fire to give them light on the way they were to take.

Micah 6:8 He has shown you, what is good. To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

One of the first things we see God doing with mankind in Genesis is walk and talk with them. He would spend time with Adam and Eve wandering around the garden.  How does a spirit God walk? Has he special legs? Anyway, it seems that He still likes walking with us. He likes to wander with us through the paths of life keeping a conversation of intimacy open. He does not ask us to journey or adventure alone – He is with us all the way. He is in not rush to be anywhere – he is just enjoying your company.

He will even walk with you (escort you) for a good night out. Perhaps a feast in a great hall. He just wants to be with you – because he loves you.

He escorts me to the banquet hall;

  it’s obvious how much he loves me. Song of Songs 2:4

Today: Perhaps go on a physical walk with the knowledge that God walks with you.  Or sit down with God. Make an effort not to pray but just enjoy his company.

Every adventure needs a compass

I love walking – especially in the hills with my collie dog, Gemma. There are not many times I venture away from walks that I know well and so I am not very used to using maps – but I do know how to use a compass. Compasses are fairly straight forward once you know  where you are and where you want to go. There are 4 basic choices – North, South, East and West. On this journey God is taking us on how do we know which direction to walk?  – we use a compass.

Let’s look at the compass the  Israelites used.


Compass (Photo credit: Roland Urbanek)

He said, “If you will listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and keeping all his decrees, then I will not make you suffer any of the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus  15:26

The four points on this compass are

  • Listen to His voice
  • Do what is right
  • Do what He ask
  • Let him heal you

When you use a compass the first thing you need to work out is where you are and where you want to go. God asks the children of Israel what their intentions are? Why are they on this adventure? How will they know where to go?

Adventures are  tough. They will push you to your limit, but on the way you will see some amazing sights. At times you will wonder what on earth you are doing and why you are putting yourself through all this. It is important to know why you are setting off, who you are journeying for, who is travelling with you and how far you are prepared to travel.

If you are travelling on this adventure what are your intentions? Why are you setting off? Who are you journeying with? Who is travelling with you? How far are you prepared to travel? How will you know where to go?


  1. Listen to my voice – make it a priority to spend time listening to God
  2. Do what is right – pay deliberate and thoughtful attention  to what you are learning and how you need to apply it
  3. Do what I ask –  decide that no matter what he asks you trust him enough to radically obey
  4. Let me heal you – open your life to God and allow Him to heal you mind, soul, spirit and body

In the family of God the children grow up

Paint_by_ChibitFrom the beginning of time we find a God who gives his children freedom.

Without free will we cannot make our own choices, learn from our mistakes and grow up. It has always been the heart of our Father that we mature; that we learn, love and reach our full potential in Him. This is when we are like the crocus as we open our petals and bloom into something beautiful.

Our family history

These people are our ancestors. Each person represents the journey of a family of peoples.

  •  Adam – created a grown man ready to reproduce, sin broke his connection with his Father. Mankind regressed had to be birthed again.
  • Noah/child – the ark is a picture of baby in bulrushes covered in tar. A family hidden and saved from destruction and evil just like baby Moses. He was birthed into the cleansed earth through gushing waters
  • Abraham/toddler – wide eyed and fresh he is shown the stars and sands of God’s world. He starts to understand there is a God and builds a relationship with him
  • Isaac/child – learning how family and relationships work
  • Jacob/ young teen – tussling and wrestling with ideas, finding his feet, seeking independence alongside relationship, finding own thoughts, his own heart
  • Joseph /older teen – finding true identity among those that think differently (Egyptians), leaning to take responsibility, make good choices, understanding family forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Moses and the children of Israel/transitioning into adulthood – experiencing the process of leaving home, finding their own ground/freedom, initiation of baptism through the red sea

The phrase “Children of Israel” is used 335 times in the Pentateuch (first 5 books of the bible). This shows how God was  training them and teaching them as his own children.

The Wilderness

Moses and the Israelites now reach the cusp of adulthood/maturity. It is time for them to leave their childish ways behind them and live as supernatural adults (1 Corinthians 13:10-12). It is time for them to leave the house of Egypt and their identity of slaves behind. They set out on a journey to find who they really are. Egypt was never their home and slavery was never to be their identity – God wanted to show them who he had made them to be.

Having left Egypt they are about to enter God’s college – his boot camp. This is commonly known as the wilderness. It is here that God’s children were to start their valuable training. They would start to learn about  their ancestors, who is this God they worship and where do they belong.

Reflecting on our own family walk as the people of God we stand in a place of transition. There is before us our own land (literally) to take, our own promises to bring into fulfillment and our own Jericho to overcome. In order to prepare us for this before us for the next few months is an expanse of training. This time may look like a place of drifting and lack but actually it is a vital stage of maturation that will us enable us to steward heaven coming to earth in revival, miracles and wonders.

Today: Think about how we, as the people of God, are walking in a new place of freedom and open space.  As we enter  God’s special college for maturity count yourself into the boot camp. What do you hope to learn during this time?

Writing a travel log

Some cherished friends of mine recently gave me the gift of the most beautiful notebook. If you are anything like me I don’t like starting to write on  clean notebooks and I am not always sure what to use them for. God challenged me at the beginning of this week – He said that every explorer and adventurer has a log book of their travels and during this time I should write mine. So that is what I am now using my book for (and what inspired this blog).

If our hearts are set on pilgrimage the journey will take thought and courage. It is not about the destination but the lessons we are taught on the way. Lessons about our identity, ourselves and our Father.

Habakuk 2:2 says “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets”. He was an up to date prophet with the latest tablet 🙂 God asked him to write His words down so that they could be used for others and remembered.

How does writing help us?

  1. It makes us think clearly – when we have to express our thoughts and feelings in writing it helps to capture our thoughts that can pass by in our head like kites. It helps to pull ideas out of the ether of our brain and concentrate them into a form that is clear in language.
  2. It helps us concentrate  – and disciplines us to think things through rather than pass things by. Sometimes we need to stop and ponder rather than rush past in haste.
  3. It encourages us to think creatively – as we doodle, scribble diagrams, stick pictures down along with our thoughts. We become artists of a visions and explorers of ideas.
  4. It makes us apply it to our own lives – a travel log is personal and all about you. There are many things you can read and hear but unless it you engage in the process it will not change your life. It takes action, patience and effort to make changes.
  5. It reveals the whole revelation- understanding what God shows us comes when we put all the small individual pieces of revelation together. We can be so quick to forget prophetic words, revelation and testimonies. When we write down daily thoughts we have a canvass on which we will not see the big life picture until having joined travel logs together we can stand back and look at the whole picture of our life -we will see a glorious revelation being displayed.

Today: Start a travel log. It might be a new book that you already have stashed in a cupboard or you may have to go out and buy one. Make it personal and specifically for this  season. Jot down all you learn and see.

First on our walk – some spring crocuses


Crocuses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the Wilderness and desert will be glad in those days. The wastelands will rejoice and blossom with spring crocuses (Isaiah 35:1)

 At spring time the gold crocuses bloom covering the wilderness in a sea of gold. The gold hasn’t been sprayed on from above but has come from the depths of each crocus bulb. The potential to change the landscape was resting all winter, nestling in the depths of the soil.

For those who have been born from above we are new creations. We have the fullness of God birthed within us, our Father’s DNA and we are like bulbs full of spring potential.  The core of you is good, it doesn’t need changing. No matter how hard the winter, how deep the snow – when springs comes your heart will bloom. These bulb hearts within us, when nurtured well with the right food and  fresh water will send their roots deep and find shoots reaching toward the sun. They will subsequently blossom into the fullness of all the potential within. We can change the landscape around us.

Today: Know our Father wants us to succeed, wants us to grow in maturity and tends us lovingly as we do so. He knows that together as a church when we each blossom we cover the landscape with the glory and splendour of our God

For more listen to http://www.community-church.co.uk/media/audio/bringing-forth-gold

Step over the threshold

Each step we take is important. Where we place our feet and the direction we walk in matters. It is vital we don’t just drift along but we take stock of where we have been and where we are going.

There is something new coming around the corner, in fact I can already see it. (Isaiah 42:9) The question I ask myself is are we ready for what is to come? Are our hearts fully prepared?

For the next 5 months I will be writing the story of the the family adventure. As a local church these are precious months for us and I would like to write a travel log during our journey. I am hoping this will bring focus and understanding at this challenging time and  I would like my friends to come and join me. During this time I will post sermons to  listen to, music to rest in  and things I am learning on the way.

If you throw your heart and soul into the adventure you will find it will stretch you to your limits. You may find your muscles and heart may ache but you will also find glorious treasures you have never seen before.

I invite you to come walk with me 🙂