The challenge of culture change

Tea Time

Tea Time (Photo credit: Maia C)

I have travelled to various places in the last couple of months – the Philippines, Wales and England – soon America and Ireland and I have been challenged in my thinking. I am amazed how soon we presume that we have the normal way to approach life. We settle for the ways of doing/being that we are used to. We become short sighted and narrow minded. We think our way is the sensible way maybe even the only way. When I walk into a different culture I find little things that challenge my concepts. Simple things perhaps like making a cup of tea. I have experienced in the last few months Yorkshire tea bags in a mug (yes in Yorkshire), Lady Grey tea in Manchester, tea in a cup and saucer in Wales, fresh mixed tea leaves in Rugby with hint of Earl Grey, Chinese tea with lime juice in the Philippines, lemon grass iced tea in Palawan and strong plain unsweetened iced tea in Singapore airport. I mean how many ways can you make a cup of tea? I even got to youth tonight to find a lovely leader with a china pot and teapot and some fresh Darjeeling!

Our life’s journey means different experiences, cultures and different tastes. For the next week or so I will be chatting with you about the concept of culture change. I will be expanding my thoughts on a word preached locally. I want to unpack the implications of these thoughts for our lives,  pass through the initial clash of cultures and onto a new path of being.

You are welcome to listen to it whilst relaxing to a lovely cup of tea -however you chose to make it. The title is Changing Culture Changing Us and you can find it here-