Flow of heaven


Flow (Photo credit: Yogendra174)

We have already discussed that heaven is just like God’s home. It is where his fullness of character can be seen unhindered. It is where His will is carried out perfectly without glitches or resistance.

There are authors like R.F. Delderfield who in their writings focus on a community over a space of time. In his great story telling style Delderfield writes about “The Dreaming Suburb” and how it became an avenue going off to war. Whenever you walk into the avenue in the stories something is happening, something has changed. Where there are people there is life and activity. There is a flow of  life in each home that progresses over time. How much so God’s house – where He is there is a flow of life and activity.

In a home this flow of life brings with it a  flow of people and their roles of activity. A mum flows from being a nurse, teacher, cook, cleaner, carer, lover, painter, taxi, etc It all depends what the needs are in the home to how she responds in love. So God the Father flows in his house becomes a teacher, counselor  healer, proclaimer, protector, judge, restorer etc.

Each time we meet with God to be intimate with him He might come to us in a different role. It is an expression of His flow of life in love, depending of what the needs are. He may be our protector and then our teacher. If we come to God expecting to be protected again and again, we may be surprised that God might not protect us from a specific situation that we actually need to be taught wisdom in situation instead. Let God be God and let us respond with Him in the flow of life.

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