Presence and Character

My eye

My eye (Photo credit: orangeacid)

‘God could trust Moses with this level of revelation because his heart had been tested. In His mercy, God gives us the level of revelation that our character is prepared to handle. At the same time, He continues to reveals himself in order to expose our character and invite us to know him more.’ Bill Johnson Face to Face with God p88

We are all loved completely. He presences himself in all of us by his Holy Spirit in His fullness (for those born again). Many of us experience His manifest presence in times of worship but it clear that some people experience a greater revelation of God’s presence than others. John saw into the heavens and found himself standing in the very throne room of God. The whole of the book of Revelations is about what he saw. John witnessed  so much it would make your eyes pop out ; angels, beasts, a lamb, things with many heads, a scroll, a dragon, trumpets and worship. Just imagine what it would be like seeing that kind of revelation!

God is calling us higher, to see more and the only person who can stop you seeing as much of God as you like is you. With each revelation there comes responsibility. It takes character to carry this responsibility. With each powerful encounter God has to make sure our spirits can take it. Our hearts and character must be ready.

It says in the bible that we can grieve the Holy Spirit. If we want God to manifest His presence to us we need to be sure that we do not hinder a full outpouring by grieving the Spirit. He is sensitive to rebellion, bitterness, doubt etc. Like a dove He will not land in fullness where He feels aggrieved. Let us check our hearts for habitual sin, proud hearts, bitterness and unforgiveness. Let us walk with our hearts right with God and expect a full outpouring of His presence.

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