Hunger is not enough- its expectation that brings encounter


Worship (Photo credit: Josa Jr)

I often find myself standing as close as I can to those whose hearts are to lead me deeper into the presence of God and my desire is to follow their lead. These are the anointed worship leaders of the church. My heart is to be responsive to their spirit and join in with their intimacy with God. As they hold the door open for me into the throne room my desire is to press through into the fullness of an awareness of heaven.

I always thought that to be hungry for him was enough, but I have reconsidered my thoughts. It isn’t hunger that brings change and encounter with God, but expectation. It is the understanding that God’s desire is to meet us with revelation, love and intimacy. If we seek God we can expect him to turn up.

As a youth I remember walking through a camp one summer crying out in hunger to God, but I didn’t expect him to come down and meet me as I wandered through the damp evening grass. I thought he would listen, but wasn’t sure if He would be persuaded to act. I now have a revelation of his passion for me. Someone once prophesied into my life God was more passionate for me than I was for him. I now expect him not only to listen but also to come in fullness and be there for me.

So now I ask myself what do I expect his presence to be like? How is he going to meet me? In fullness of power, with overwhelming emotion, with signs and wonders, with visions and new spiritual gifts, with heart to heart intimacy, with amazing signs and revelation, with fire and rushing waters, with the roar of a lion? What do I expect each time I move toward God to know him? Are my expectations high enough? Do I really expect the heavenly places to be opened to me so I can see the angels, the heart of God and the beauty of the spiritual realm. Knowing all God could/ can/ will do stirs my hunger to exponential levels.

There is so much more to know and experience in God’s presence and I can expect God to meet me in power and intimacy every time.

Today: What are you expecting?

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