Let’s chat about the weather

untitledOK my friend, to you who reads this blog, I would like to explain to you where my thoughts are wandering off next. I would like to share with you how my recent trip to the Philippines has spoken to me about the new times we are in and the new culture we are to explore. This culture is kingdom culture and we are re-aligning ourselves up with heaven. I hope this is alright with you.

It may take quite a few days as it covers so much, but you have the capacity to take it I am sure 😊

I will take one topic at a time from the Philippines about the culture and then expand it to show you what God has shown me through it.


The first thing that hits you when you come off the plane in Manila is the heat. Last year we landed in the middle of the July monsoon in Hong Kong. The flight was so rough many of the team were being sick, Hong Kong airport was packed with people having had their flights cancelled. Rain fell out of the sky with such force and in such large drops water was gushing everywhere. The monsoon had rooted up trees and brought down buildings. Whilst we were in Manila we experienced many storms of lightening in the clouds becoming a light show above but with no rain. Pinky told us how her district floods every year. How the rubbish is picked up and floats into people’s houses. She spoke of kids swimming in all the filth for fun-just like a swimming pool – just like the picture above.

God has spoken specifically to our local church about storms. He spoke at a members meeting a year ago, spoke through a lady who had a dream in which she was holding onto a rock in a storm .God laughed at her and said “what are you doing?” “I am scared as there is a huge storm raging and I am going to fall off my rock” he replied. God told her to “stand up” and as she did her feet grew roots than ran like an anchor into the rock and she reached up in worship. As she worshipped and the rain fell and her arms waved in the violent wind she found her worship became part of the storm. It is a beautiful picture. I have painted a version of this I will share with you tomorrow.

I have had prophecies for me in two separate towns from strangers about storms. The church was e-mailed a dream that a friend in Singapore had about standing on  tall pillar in the face of a storm.

This is a season for storms. Storms that stir up and bring freshness. Storms that change the landscape and that break down barriers. Storm that bring floods and bring the rubbish to the surface. The sewage and garbage cannot stay hidden under rocks in these storms. The storm will not become something to fight against  but something to stand up in and use as part of our worship and devotion. It will cause us to put our roots down deep and stand tall, not crouch down.

In this new culture the heat is turned up. Things are moving faster and with more intensity. I don’t know if you remember your science lessons but heat brings energy and causes molecules to move faster. Heat brings change and substances transform into something new.

This is a culture where spring comes and brings new life. (this is a song about this new spring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV_ERWrL_Rc). Where winter is chased away and we brush away the dead leaves in order to let the new shoots flourish.

Today: Think about whether there are situational storms, storms of thinking, storms of frustrations and dreams, storms of confusion etc. raging in your life right now. Perhaps it isn’t the time to fight it or stand against it but time to allow the buffering to loose your heart to let your tears fall like rain and to release yourself into new expressions and level of worship and intimacy with God.


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