Chasing the twisters

Let us continue chatting about culture change. would like to show you how dramatic it is to change from one culture to another. It is not a case of adjusting a few things, but of a massive upheaval. Please watch the following video to help understand what I mean.

I love the line from this clip ‘I have so many questions to ask’. This is exactly how I feel at the moment. Each time I discover something new I have more and more questions. I am finding there are few who can answer them – but that number is growing.

In the past I have had new vision and revelation at times. These have been life changing moments and I devoured all the understanding I could. Spurred on by someone’s sermon or seminars I read books, magazines, thought about it and then understood it –mainly with my head and then my heart was gripped with passion for what I saw. The Spirit brought me fresh revelation that amazed me. This new thing is transferred very differently. Yes I read, I watch videos, I listen to sermons and go to seminars, but the main way of catching this is heart transfer one to one. Let me try to explain this: When you want to experience the Philippines culture you could read manuals, watch programmes about it, visit the country and stay in hotels but until you spend time with the Filipinos and chat to them, visit the poorest and richest areas, let them share their history and dreams you haven’t experienced it all. Culture is all about people, not a place or traditions. It is about catching people’s heart.

I cannot catch this thing in my head, brain power is not how you understand the new changes. This can only be caught by a spirit, Spirit and mind blend. I love the Spirit and love moving in the Spirit but there is something different about this I have never experienced before. It is a heart connection with others and then somehow downloading their heart. Catching it with your spirit before your mind gets it. Understanding love, grace, freedom etc with my spirit first hand and then allowing my head to catch up. Letting God by his Spirit expand it inside bringing revelation and understanding. Thus the statement ‘ I have so many questions to ask’ is very true.

I do not have the answers, I do not understand it all, but what I do know is the way I have done things in the past is not enough for now.

Today: Determine to find out is who is changing around you, who has seen something new, who understands this new culture, who can you catch it off? When you see them and find them get alongside them. They may not be in your home town, they may not be leaders. I am chasing those with fresh hearts and asking them questions. It is like those people who chase tornados and find the spot on where the mighty twisters hits the ground and starts changing the landscape. Find the twisters. Let them share heart with you, do a heart connection download. Catch it!


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