You don’t belong here

Downtown Chicago Building Roundup: North

Downtown Chicago Building Roundup: North (Photo credit: Josh*m)

The only way you will find a new culture is if you realise the old one isn’t for you 

Later she gave birth to a son, and Moses named him Gershom, for he explained, “I have been a foreigner in a foreign land.” Exodus 2:22

 Moses was adopted into the Egyptian culture at the highest level. He was an adopted prince living in the palace of pharaoh himself. He had experience the best of life in this rich land. He had known the best of the fashion and cloth, architect, social structure, artwork and delicious cooking. His original family were nomadic wanderers, farmers – those nutters who went on about a promised land. In worldly terms he had the best life as prince in such a powerful nation – yet he knew that he didn’t belong. He knew that he was not one of them and he couldn’t settle.

He named his eldest son “foreigner” so that every time he called his son he was reminded of his home land far away. His heart would leap once more at the promise there was something better. A land where God lived amongst his people and it was like heaven on earth.

His ancestor Abraham saw the same

10 For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Heb 11:10

Moses knew in his heart that although he couldn’t fully understand what it was there he knew there somewhere even greater than this land and culture that he was an integral part of.

Life may seem good. You have what you need and the friends, family around you. You are settled, happy and content. If you are then can I suggest that you are not ready for an adventure? If you set off with others you will always be harping on about what you left behind, what you could have been, where you could have lived. If you are settled and happy – then exploring a whole new culture isn’t for you.

This adventure is for those searching for a better kingdom. For those not satisfied with the number of people they have seen healed, how many people they have helped their lives turn around or the state of family and community. They are not satisfied with the lack of justice, the suffering of the poor, the loneliness of the old, the vulnerability of the young. They are not settled and want things in their old culture to change. They are nnot happy with aggression, drunkenness, depression, confusion and self-rejection filling their streets and churches. This kind of person sees something better –a different kingdom. These people are desperate for change. They think about it every day. They are ready for something big, new and exciting.

How about you? Are you ready to give up everything to understand something bigger and greater? Are you hungry for the kingdom of God, His city and his culture? Or are you too settled?


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