You are my special treasure

Guiseley Brass Band

Guiseley Brass Band (Photo credit: Mark Waddington, Yorkshire)

Two thing bring tears to my eyes. One is a brass band coming around a corner (yes I know that is weird but it is true) the other is a father gazing on his young child with pride.

Exodus19;4-6 You know how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.  Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the peoples on earth; for all the earth belongs to me. And you will be my kingdom of priests, my holy nation.

Here I feel tears welling as God gazes at His children and overflows in tender love toward them. He is reminiscing on how He carried them when they were helpless and He held them close to his heart. He talks tenderly to them about how precious they are to Him and how much He treasures them – how they are His favourites. He then speaks dreams and give them a sense of what they could become.

He wants his children to become a children of priests – those who spend everyday in His company, in His presence. They will be carriers of His presence. He wants to live among them and share heart with them.

All these truths belong to us as children of God. He carries us gently when we feel weak and draws us close to his heart. He whispers into your ear tenderly and tells you that you are precious to you and he wants to spend eternity in your company.

Today: Stop trying so hard and let God carry you today. Allow yourself to be loved by your Father.


4 thoughts on “You are my special treasure

  1. This is the third time God has said this to me in as many weeks. I find being a ‘do-er’ can be a bit counter productive to being a ‘ be-er’. What I want to say is that I am working on it but of course that would be more doing. So I am trying to let Dad work on it instead but it’s quite challenging.

    • I am having to re-learn how to live too. I think w all need to keep reminding each other until it becomes part of an attitude of life. It is learning how to live in a new culture not of this earth.

  2. I’m wondering if the first time I heard or felt that I was loved and significant was because I’d done something and so learnt that I had to earn love, perhaps as a child, or maybe I never heard or felt that I was loved or significant. I’ve downloaded that I need to do something in order to be loved. Maybe this has gone so deep, because it’s occurred at a time before I’d learnt to talk and so have no words to describe it, or the experience is so painful that I’ve learnt to shut myself off to that pain to preserve myself. I’m wondering if Holy Spirit can show me where I learnt that I wasn’t worthy of love and so had to work to earn it. Perhaps I get to forgive the person, parent, sibling, who taught me this, to break agreement with this lie, to renounce it and to receive a truth: that I am Papa God’s happy thought, that I was the Joy that Jesus saw on His way to the cross, that Holy spirit could live anywhere in the universe and He chooses to live in my heart.

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