Turon at Banana Cue

Turon at Banana Cue (Photo credit: Creative Abubot)

Yesterday some of the ladies fro the church brought a Jolly Bee round for lunch for Mothers’ Day. They each told their story and we had a good time (Trev still not eating)

Last night we had a lovely meal with a couple in the church, Donald and Cleo. The restaurant was in an area of Taguig that felt quite different – tall modern buildings and restaurants with forecourts. The couple are fairly new to the House of Grace and were not here on our last trip. Cleo has a lovely evangelistic heart and on Sunday she took me to a Canadian ladies house who needed some friendship and encouraging.

Today was the national elections. Everyone was given the day off work and were all excited about voting. On Saturday night there were big rallies. One was behind the condominium I sat and ate food with the worship team. There was a celebrity singer who was amped up very loudly and a few fireworks for effect. It was just like a big festival and it was clear that the Filipinos get excited about voting. Once they have voted their forefinger tip is dyed with black ink so that they cannot vote again.

I went swimming in the morning. Breakfast arrived! Lunch arrived later too, but unfortunately the couple who were meant to be eating it with us couldn’t stay. We went for a wander around and were surprised how relatively quiet it was. After lunch we went to see Gillian Saunders who oversees the Durian project. We met her in Starbucks in megamall. We asked her lots of questions about her role and how to sponsor a child.

Tonight we went to Loyda and Arman’s house. They have two lovely daughters at home and she makes the most wonderful turon. It is banana in a wrap deep fried. I am going to try and make some when I get back. They talked about their recent experience of soaking in God and the whole family are thirsty for the Spirit. They told us their testimony of how their lives have changed, their marriage changed and their parenting changed since joining the church and finding a better way.


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