See the food – but you can’t eat it

This is the ultimate sea food diet. You can see the food but you cannot eat it – it is in  a jar!

Day 38 - Quince Jamí

Exodus 16:33 So Moses said to Aaron, “Take a jar and put an omer of manna in it. Then place it before the Lord to be kept for the generations to come.”

When I thought of this it did make me laugh. The first food in a jar. Who thought that it would be manna eh?. I wonder if they stuck a label on it and what it would look like.


Ingredients: Heaven

No added preservatives or sugar

Once gathered eat the same day (unless it is Sabbath)

The fact that the manna in the jar didn’t go off is in itself a miracle: manna after being collected went off very quickly  with the added bonus of maggots and a stinky smell. We have to ask ourselves what was so special about this food put in the jar that they cannot eat it? Why didn’t it go off?

This is the legacy for the next generation

  1. It was to make them hungry

When the next generation saw the food from heaven it would make them hungry for a diet not of this earth. Their appetite and expectation of life would change.

2. It was to show them God’s provision / miracles

When the manna was shown to the kids they would ask “What is that mummy?” and a story would begin about God’s faithfulness, love and protection. This would be a show of all God could and would do for them. Testimony is powerful in bringing what seems impossible into doable.

3. It was to show them what to eat – what does heaven food look like?

It would show them that dreams of miracles and heaven coming to earth is a reality. If they had seen it before what would stop them seeing it again. They would recognise a wonder if they saw it again and see God’s favour there.

How do we show the next generation food?

Jesus said “I do what I see the Father doing” – in other words He saw His Father and showed everyone what He looked like and how to live like Him. Jesus became the display of heaven for the generation who would listen. We also live out the heavenly revelation that God is placing in our hearts. If you want your children, grandchildren to change – you start by being the change. Show what love looks like, show what being powerful looks like, be the miracle on display. If you can show the generations what heaven looks like they will be hungry for it and know it is attainable. We are to be the manna in the jar – God’s glorious heavenly chutney on display!

Today; Think how much is your revelation is accessible to others? How can you put your relationship with God in a jar for others to hunger after? What does that look like?


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