Duncan Lucchi and Sara

Duncan Lucchi and Sara

We flew across to the island of Palawan today to see the project run by Sarah and Duncan. They have a fantastic farm which is a fairly new purchase. It was run down when they bought it but used to have a mango orchard on it. There is a beautiful stream running through it with fish in. They are have cultivated rice fields, coffee bushes, mango trees, vegetable plot, charcoal pit, and are hoping to be self sustaining in years to come. They are keeping goats, pigs and ducks.

They are fostering  a large group of children there and giving them a real home. They have 9 children living with them at the minute. They have carers who take responsibility for a specific group of children. These children have been rescued from some tragic backgrounds. There are other children who come for daily lessons and food.

We joined them for lunch, worship, lessons and we shared a little something from the bible with everyone. We spent time with Duncan and Sara encouraging them in the work they do.


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