Durian Project

I’m afraid it will have to be a quick report today as we are packing.

We drove to the South West Manila province today to meet a relatively new project called the Durian Project. The aim the project is to help families living in abject poverty in a cemetery and educate the children for a future. It is about giving the children hope, choice, honour and freedom. We met the teachers Sally, Crystal and Pinky. Pinky is quite a character! Then went to the cemetery and met some of the families in their “homes”. After that we went to the newly purchased Pentecostal church building that is related to the project. (travelling by Jeepney). The children need sponsors to be educated through school as they only have 17 sponsors right now. Below is the “home” for a family of six.

SONY DSCTonight Anne Shirley and her sister took us to Manila Bay to watch the sunset. We then went to  the old Manila and had a meal in a sixteenth century Spanish house that had been converted into a restaurant. We ate to music from a grand piano and then were entertained with music and dance that represented the Philippines through the ages. A real treat.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Palawan to meet Duncan and Sarah who have a project there. It is called the Father’s Refuge for orphans, street kids and helping provision through farming. They have had 2 goat kids and some piglets recently.

We leave tomorrow at 5.30am.


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