Fantastic Philippines Youth Gig

New Day relaxing after their exciting gig

New Day relaxing after their exciting gig

Last night was amazing. Boy is the voted councillor (the position is not political it is a person voted in who they go to if they have issues) for the village (of 3 thousand) on the edge of Manila. He is also the newest leader in the church team.

New Day Dancing

New Day Dancing

He has been working in his village with the youth. The New Day (the churches youth group) put on a concert for them. The GIG (Get involved with God) was due to start at 5 but actually began at 7.30pm. All the children arrived on tricycles booked by Boy and it took some time for the 10 tricycles to turn up with approx. 40 kids. They watched New Day’s dancing presentations, drama, testimonies and a gospel presentation.

There were some chatting but by the end they were all sat listening. Boy asked for a response to God for his love and they nearly all went forward apart from 2. We are not sure how many gave their lives to God but as they all prayed some had such sincere hearts you could see it on their faces.

Youths responding to God's love at the GIG

Youths responding to God’s love at the GIG

They finished the party with an amazing dance from the village kids – which went down a storm. Then a swim in the pool and food. Just to say we didn’t go in the pool but we did have some more delicious food. 🙂

Eden was saying that he needs wisdom with what to do next. Do they set up a church plant with only youth? How do they accommodate all these hungry hearts? What we can do is celebrate what God is doing here and pray for them.


One thought on “Fantastic Philippines Youth Gig

  1. That is awesome Alison. I am so excited (a tad jealous of you being there). I will be praying for Eden as he seeks a way forward.

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