Phippines full of Grace

Pink tricycle with child on board.

Pink tricycle with child on board. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well yesterday, after swimming, we went to the corner shop called Daily Grace. We met Joshua (Eden and Fe’s youngest son) who was very excited about the practice they were doing at their church building – Grace HouseFor a place with so much Catholicism there is a lot of grace!

We walked from here to the House of Grace in the heat to watch them practice. I showed Trev around the church building. The back yard, which was full of rubble and rubbish is now a lovely garden area, the small rooms are finished and there are toilets and shower on the back of the building. The top layer was a little taller but not much. We took a tricycle ride back home. (Andrew -Francis’ memory of the team was the cycle helmet we made for your tricycle ride. He was still laughing at the memory)

Last night we had a great time with Eden and Fe. They turned up with hugs and smiles and warm company. We caught up on news like old friends over a pizza.

This morning we met with the church (after a quick swim). I was excited to see about the team last year. many of them said how much they miss you guys. I was excited to see  how the church has matured and how New Day have grown up. Darwin was laughing at me as in the time I have been away he has grown taller than me :). The apostolic ministry Peter Brooks was talking about drinking the waters and we had time to pray for people. The church was so thirsty for God. It was exciting as we prayed for the new leadership team and great to hear their heart of a group ministry not a one man platform.

We then ate lunch together with the guys from Australia and the leadership team here.

It seems like we are in for a treat later on as the youth group (New Day) prepare for a gig. (A quick note for last years team – we are going to Boy’s residence where the house group was cancelled last time we came because his son David was very ill. They are hoping to start something new there). The Filipinos tell me that this is a particularly hot summer – and I am proud of myself for how I am coping with the heat. Tonight will be hot – so they say. Mm with no air-conditioning or fans there might be a possibility I may melt.


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