Philippines Hello Again

English: Coat of arms of the Philippines

English: Coat of arms of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its amazing to be back in Manila and to find I have internet access for a while.

The flight was 16 hours total flying time – 25 hours door to door. Every time I fly I get the overwhelming sense of how small we humans are. How tiny our houses and gardens are when you are a mile or two above earth. I make such a big thing about whether my house is tidy, or the lawn is mowed – but when you get a bigger perspective it all looks so insignificant.

Had a really different experience on the plane. I usually try to fit in as many films as I can but I found myself just lying in God’s presence singing a new song I wrote (in David’ Hadden’s office on his guitar – just catching a bit of his anointing;)) I just hoped no-one saw me crying and singing! I did watch two films. The cartoon about Dracula’s hotel was funny.

Anyway it was lovely seeing the sunrise over the Singapore clouds. We had a couple of waits in Munich and Singapore. Both airports tranquil – not like the chaos in Hong Kong during the Hurricane last time – and the flight was much smoother. I did have to hold someone’s hand to help them with the landing 🙂

We went to Market, Market yesterday – the large mall- to change our money and have tea. Filipino food is so tasty. We were fascinated by several groups of teenage boys dancing on the arcade game “Dance Now”. They were really giving it everything as not as embarrassed and self-conscious as British youth.

This morning we went swimming in the condominium pool. In the Philippines the house/flats are built in fenced area communities. Each with several guards, swimming pool and basket ball area. It houses many families. We are in the same condominium as Eden (the pastor) and his wife Fe – we are just in the next block.

We spent last night and lunch today with Joshua (Eden and Fe’s oldest son). He is a qualified nurse and has been working with the navy surgery for 5 months now – first in accident and emergency and now on the wards.

Eden and Fe have been away on a conference with Peter Brooks from Australia and are back tonight. I am looking forward to having tea with them later.



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