Forgiveness 3

I don’t want us to brush past this important part of the journey. We need to take some active steps to deal with unforgiveness  before we move on. This is not a one off act but we will need to deal with it again when it crops up in the future. We are always learning how to forgive others.

Forgiving someone has to be act of the will. Quite often the person you must forgive may already be dead. These people are often the most difficult to forgive, but are the most important. There may be people from situations in your life which you may feel are impossible to forgive, or ones that you simply refuse to forgive, or even ones that you say you just cannot forgive since they have caused you such deep pain. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring you to a place where you are enabled to make the choice to forgive. He will reveal to you all the people and situations which make forgiveness necessary.

Today : Sit down and take your time doing this exercise. With each of the names written down in your travel log pray through this prayer. It might help to visual the person in the room sat in front of you as you pray.

“ —(insert the name)—- I forgive you for all you have done to me. I release you to the grace of God.  I break agreement with bitterness  dwelling in me. I now breathe in your love and forgiveness God”

After you have let go sit down and refresh yourself in God’s presence. Perhaps listen to some music, or just wait quietly.


4 thoughts on “Forgiveness 3

  1. Hi Ali – I think what you’re doing is fantastic and that forgiveness is such an important part of becoming loved, free and powerful!

    For a long time I had a big issue with unforgiveness to a point that in my late teens, early twenties I truly hated an individual who had been part of my life when I was younger. After being challenged over my feelings I spent three hours sat on a beach with a pebble in my hand which represented all of the wrongs that had been done against me. My challenge was to lay the pebble down and by so doing lay down all of the hurt and anger that I felt. It was not an easy process and many tears were shed but I felt such release when I finally managed to put the pebble down and walk away. At this point the individual was no longer part of my life and has not been for the last 15 years, however, recently he has come back into my life. This has been an interesting time for me as it has challenged the reality of that moment on the beach all those years before. What I have found is that I dont feel any of the hurt and anger any more and in fact actually feel quite compassionate towards him as he is going through a really tough time in his life right now. This is not something that I could have mustered up from within but believe I could only have done this with the Holy Spirit and God’s grace on my life.

    Keep blogging Ali – its great!

  2. I’m thinking about how forgiveness impacts on guilt and shame. Guilt tells me I’ve made a mess that needs cleaning up and in cleaning up my mess I need to ask for and receive forgiveness. So my focus is less on me and more on my actions. Shame says ‘I haven’t made a mistake but I am a mistake’ Shame keeps me from forgiveness and keeps me a captive to wounds and lies. Adam and Eve were naked and had no shame. Job couldn’t hold his head high and was filled with shame and misery. Adam and Eve were yet to believe an untruth about Father God and his relationship with them and their relationship with each other. Job believed a lie about God, ‘and if I sinned You would not forgive my guilt.’
    During a recent painful time part of my shame was routed in believing that I should have been able to fix a relationship between two other people in my family. Although I knew in my head that Papa didn’t hold me responsible for the situation, somewhere inside there was an unconscious belief that I was a failure in this environment. That I should have been able to fix this. I was able to hear his voice tell me that how ever painful it was for me, their poor choices weren’t down to me, that I had enough love in me to keep my heart connected to them and that his love in me was bigger than all our fears. Hearing his voice enabled me to forgive them, forgive myself and Papa and move out of shame to receive forgiveness.
    Please keep posting, I’m finding going back over older posts and re reading them in the light of recent ones is helping me see so much in new ways. Thank you for sharing your walk with all of us.

    • Thank you for your openness and honesty. Part of the privilege of this walk is finding that people are fed up with the sham of hiding and really want heart connections that have a raw, humble reality. This is not an easy route but the closeness that people are starting to feel is fantastic.

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