Writing a travel log

Some cherished friends of mine recently gave me the gift of the most beautiful notebook. If you are anything like me I don’t like starting to write on  clean notebooks and I am not always sure what to use them for. God challenged me at the beginning of this week – He said that every explorer and adventurer has a log book of their travels and during this time I should write mine. So that is what I am now using my book for (and what inspired this blog).

If our hearts are set on pilgrimage the journey will take thought and courage. It is not about the destination but the lessons we are taught on the way. Lessons about our identity, ourselves and our Father.

Habakuk 2:2 says “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets”. He was an up to date prophet with the latest tablet 🙂 God asked him to write His words down so that they could be used for others and remembered.

How does writing help us?

  1. It makes us think clearly – when we have to express our thoughts and feelings in writing it helps to capture our thoughts that can pass by in our head like kites. It helps to pull ideas out of the ether of our brain and concentrate them into a form that is clear in language.
  2. It helps us concentrate  – and disciplines us to think things through rather than pass things by. Sometimes we need to stop and ponder rather than rush past in haste.
  3. It encourages us to think creatively – as we doodle, scribble diagrams, stick pictures down along with our thoughts. We become artists of a visions and explorers of ideas.
  4. It makes us apply it to our own lives – a travel log is personal and all about you. There are many things you can read and hear but unless it you engage in the process it will not change your life. It takes action, patience and effort to make changes.
  5. It reveals the whole revelation- understanding what God shows us comes when we put all the small individual pieces of revelation together. We can be so quick to forget prophetic words, revelation and testimonies. When we write down daily thoughts we have a canvass on which we will not see the big life picture until having joined travel logs together we can stand back and look at the whole picture of our life -we will see a glorious revelation being displayed.

Today: Start a travel log. It might be a new book that you already have stashed in a cupboard or you may have to go out and buy one. Make it personal and specifically for this  season. Jot down all you learn and see.


4 thoughts on “Writing a travel log

  1. Hi Alison,
    love the blog, and the exciting things you’re discussing – and really appreciate your courage to share what you’re learning with us all.
    My adventure at the Craft Workshop is stretching me…. but it included making a journal (literally making the book) from scratch last night. Maybe you’d like to have a go too! I also have a methodist minister on sabatical doing a pottery course with me – as well as a doctor, so it’s interesting that whatever role we have in life everyone needs time to find out who they are, and what it means to be a human being!
    Dave H.

  2. This is great Ali. I’ve now started writing things down thanks to you 🙂 I’m very excited to be on this journey. I’ve started with a testimony of healing and I’m very excited to see where God is goin to take us!!! Xxx

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