First on our walk – some spring crocuses


Crocuses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the Wilderness and desert will be glad in those days. The wastelands will rejoice and blossom with spring crocuses (Isaiah 35:1)

 At spring time the gold crocuses bloom covering the wilderness in a sea of gold. The gold hasn’t been sprayed on from above but has come from the depths of each crocus bulb. The potential to change the landscape was resting all winter, nestling in the depths of the soil.

For those who have been born from above we are new creations. We have the fullness of God birthed within us, our Father’s DNA and we are like bulbs full of spring potential.  The core of you is good, it doesn’t need changing. No matter how hard the winter, how deep the snow – when springs comes your heart will bloom. These bulb hearts within us, when nurtured well with the right food and  fresh water will send their roots deep and find shoots reaching toward the sun. They will subsequently blossom into the fullness of all the potential within. We can change the landscape around us.

Today: Know our Father wants us to succeed, wants us to grow in maturity and tends us lovingly as we do so. He knows that together as a church when we each blossom we cover the landscape with the glory and splendour of our God

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